Health Status and Long-Term Plans For The 4th And 5th – Course Students of Bukovinian State Medical University

Author: Kistechek  Volodymyr

Scientific advisor: Chornenka Zh. A. Ph.D. Department of Social Medicine and Health Care Organizations

Bukovinian State Medical University

Studentship – is the  leading driving force  of modern Ukraine. The question of the  state of health and bad habits is relevant among medical students. The fact is that  these values must  be transmitted  to our  patients,  so we need to be  an example  for them.  Besides,  students are an important source of human resources. The question of further  life plans is not  less relevant at present, because an increasing number of qualified  specialists are leaving our country in search of a better life.

The survey was conducted among 459 students of the  fourth  (190 students) and fifth (269 students) courses of medical faculties №1 and №2 BSMU. The data were collected using questionnaires,  which  included  30  questions.  Then  the  statistical  processing  of  the  received material was carried out.

As a result, most  of the 4th  and 5th  year students consider themselves healthy (66.8%  and 71.7%  respectively). Bad habits, which are typical of students in the 4th and 5th courses (smoking, alcohol), increase with the beginning of modular controls, which in most cases are related to stress. Compared to the fourth course, the students of the 5th year are more inclined to them (31.6% versus 30.5%).  38.9%  of the  4th-year  students and 35.3%  of the  5th-year  students pointed to chronic diseases, among which the  first place occupy  diseases of the  organs of the gastrointestinal tract, the second – diseases of the ENT organs.

Students of the year 4 are more concerned with their academic success than those of the year 5 (72.1%  against 65.1%).  A foreign language is studied by 54.7%  of the 4th year students, against 37.9%  of the fifth. Preference is given to English. Students of the 4th  and 5th courses spend their leisure time relaxing, walking, doing sport or their favourite hobby. More than  70% of the students of both courses sleep from 6 to 7 hours, which is believed to be below the norm. Approximately 50% of them compensate day sleep for the lack of night sleep. This explains the students tiredness and reluctance during  lectures and their  disinterest in them.   Free  lecture attendance is the  most common thing  which  students would  change in the  university  order.  Regarding life plans,  the students;  main  aims  are the  successful graduation  from  BDMU, studies and family.  The second item after graduation is getting  a job by specialty, family and a successful career. The results found  in the  research process will allow you to see and correct the  changes in terms of students’ improvement and their attitude to themselves, and also to the system of education, which is still to be developed.

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