Abstract | Ecg Digitalization and Photoplotismography: Clinical Implementation of Quantitative Analysis

Author: Maxim Tashchuk

Scientific advisor: Ivanchuk P. R. Ph.D. Department of Internal medicine, Physical rehabilitation and Sports medicine Bukovinian State Medical University

The  PubMed   database for  2019 includes 23,875 publications with  the  tag “Heart Rate Variability” (HRV) and 412 “Photoplethysmography” (PPG), including with the help of a smartphone, since  measuring  the  PPG that  works  on  a smartphone is  economically  feasible,  expedient and comparable to stand-alone systems of drives and sensors (Yang C. et al., 2018).

In order  to objectify  the  HRV, depending on the  constellation of diagnosis of ischemic heart disease (IHD) with hypertension (HT) and its complication – stroke for the registration of PPG on a smartphone using  the  program “Heart Rate Variability HRV Camera for Android” ( freeware) in comparison with its own “Smart-ECG” software for electrocardiogram registration for 30  seconds using the “Easy ECG Monitor Prince 180B” (“Heal Force”, PRC) device,  including the use of the study drug  and its height  , 39  patients were  examined (the  distribution of diagnoses – 16  patients with IHD, 10  – IHD and HT, 13  – IHD and HT and stroke), including  effectiveness analysis of medicines (Cordaron  vs. Cordaron and Tivorel) in conditions of ventricular extrasystoles.

According to  results, vagus-mediated changes in HRV in the  short-term period  are more pronounced for IHD and HT (pNN50 – 49.3%)  with the exhaustion of HRV for IHD in accordance with the increase of the stress index (SI – 181.19 1 / c2) and the prognostic factor of arrhythmogenesis for the growth of the triangular index for IHD and HT (HRVI-5 OD), the depletion of IHD and IHD with HT reactivity with the  development of stroke in response to a decrease in the  amplitude of low- frequency indices (Lf-80.66 and 55.79 ms2). As it is known (Kleiger RE et al., 1987) that  the risk of death is 5.3  times greater with SDNN <50  msec> 100 msec – it draws attention to a significant decrease in these indicators for both  methods – PPG from a smartphone (35.33 ms ) and “Smart- ECG” (37.27 ms), while the effectiveness of Cordaron and Tivorel, according to the SDNN analysis, prevailed over the odds  ratio of 2.9 [0.16-38.60] (the predictive value of the positive  result of 2.0 )

The conclusion of the  study is the  expediency of using  a smartphone with the  evaluation of PPG in the study of HRV with provided  software (freeware) and further  use  its own program “Smart- ECG” with the  formation of risk groups in the  distribution of diagnoses for IHD and HT with their complications and assessment of drug correction.

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