Abstract | Characteristics of Patients with Aortic Stenosis

Author: Cristina Dodul

Scientific advisor: Vetrila S. B. M.D. Department of Internal Medicine

Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy

The management of patients with heart disease is rapidly evolving, with advances in diagnostic imaging, and improvements in  catheter-based  and surgical interventions. Aortic stenosis is a common condition associated with major morbidity, mortality and major economic costs. There are currently  no medical interventions capable of delaying or stopping disease progression, therefore it is  necessary  to  re-evaluate  the   basic  pathophysiology  and risk  factors  for  developing  new therapeutic strategies.

The aim of work is to evaluate general parameters in patients with aortic stenosis. We conducted a prospective transverse study that  included 24  patients with aortic stenosis. The patients were examined according to a questionnaire (developed by author), included general data (age, gender, location, social status), risk factors (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, dyslipidemia, smoking), echocardiography (ejection fraction, severity of aortic stenosis) and laboratory tests.

The average  age of the  study group  was 53.6 ±0.06 (49-81)  years,  including  14  (58.3%) women and 10 (41.7%) men; 2 (8.3%) – from the urban area, 22 (91.7%) – rural, married – 18 (75%), widows – 6 (25%), employees – 6 (25%), disabled – 4 (16.6%),  retired – 14 (58.3%).  The evaluation of risk factors found  hypertension in 15  (62.5%)  cases, diabetes mellitus   –  4  (16.6%),  obesity-5 (20.8%),  dyslipidemia-12 (50.0%),  ex-smokers in 7 (29.1%)  and only 1 (4.1%) smoker. Analysis of concomitant cardiac disease revealed ischemic heart disease in 8 (33.3%)  cases. According to echocardiography we detected 7 (29.1%)  patients with reduced ejection fraction (EF), 4 (16.6%)  – mean range ejection fraction and 13  (54.1%)  have  normal EF. Aortic stenosis was present with proportion of men  and women  -1:1.4, in patients with a mean age of 53.6, mostly  from the  rural area, with a retired social status. Over ½ of patients with aortic stenosis have at least one risk factor, most  common was hypertension -in 62.5%  cases.

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